My life was one of a volatile beginning. This journey, shared with my readers, is for so many who suffer in silence because of the immobilising shame, doubt, and the incapacity caused by another human being. In my story, a young girl is placed in the hands of a keeper—not a husband—at a very young age. Not yet a woman, she has three children, an extra brain, no education, and no support! My eleven-year-old changed my life course when he phoned the police to protect his mum, and that was where my real life began.

I was tasked with raising three children basically on my own, educating myself, and discovering the art of survival. My consciously empowering overview (CEO) tested me and my faith in him and in myself.

The fear that had served for so long as the bars that kept me trapped had to be penetrated. I was responsible for three lives, as well as my own, even though I was a child myself, still growing up and trying to find my identity.

Through it all, I managed to buy a home, educate my children, and start my own business. I also learnt and studied all I needed to know to protect myself. I was a single mother who had to do it all.

There was great trauma in the emotional roller coaster that was my life, and trying to learn how to cope when there were no real solutions was a daunting challenge. How could I build a secure life for the four of us? The GFC came and went, and like so many, I fell victim to the banks. The only difference was that I won. No one has the right to bully you not even a bank! My motivation was simple: I wanted to know what I had to know, not just what those organisations wanted me to know.

I had many mentors in life, people who taught me more survival skills and how to trust my own instincts. However, my story illustrates how my emotional DNA allowed me to be manipulated and blinded by a professional. Luckily, my tenacity gave me the ability to overcome even those attempts to control and sabotage me. I had to also learn how to deal with my own internal critic and saboteur; up to that point, I’d never understood what was going on with me internally. The mechanical robot just kept going, without any lubrication, and it became harder and harder to cope.

For every woman, emotional, physical, and financial awareness are crucial, no matter her history or her environment, and this is clearly indicated in this story. We have a tendency to sign documents and give up our inherent rights because of our emotional DNA (E-DNA), which can leave us in a vulnerable position and be a detriment to our families. My story is one of many, but I learnt to read between the lines and get to the truth of protecting my assets (ME) by learning and doing what others failed to teach me!


Achieve a life of purpose and love the life you live no matter where you are in life and what family or environment you came from. Break the cycle from past centuries! You matter, and you can achieve what you want; you can get a one-way ticket to happiness and satisfaction in life. Fear of not being able to find a job or a place to live, fear of getting older, and fear of being unable to change an unhappy situation can be overcome by rewiring the thoughts that have held you prisoner for so long. Perhaps you feel frustrated, stuck, and suffocated even when everyone is telling you things are okay because you know they are not. To change your life, you have to move, but you need to learn how to take that important first step.

Sick of waking up in someone else's dream and ultimately their nightmare? This book will show you how to unearth the amazing power and strength embedded in your very core—strength that is often never awakened. In these pages, you will be taken on a journey that will show you that no one holds the keys to your castle but you. You will discover that you have the ability to protect your castle, provide security, and invite whomever you wish to accompany you on your journey. You can live in your own uniqueness without feeling guilty or afraid!


  • How to deal with, overcome, and benefit from the FRUSTRATION in your life.
  • How to deal with, overcome, and benefit from the FEAR that immobilises us in life.
  • How to discover the best solution enabling you to find the right FIX for your life.
  • How to rediscover your passion and purpose that will create your FANTASY so you can live a life you love.
  • How to find FREEDOM to be independent enough that you never allow yourself to be abused emotionally, physically, or financially.
  • Begin at the beginning: How our past impacts our future, even when we think it doesn't.
  • No one has the right to judge when they have no clue about who you are.
  • Turn a negative situation into a positive isn't always easy but has unseen benefits.
  • All the irrelevance is relevant.
  • Life can force you to grow up.
  • Learn to respect yourself when no one else does.
  • Never allow anyone to take away your rights.
  • Be a guardian and provider.
  • Learn what you don't know when you thought you knew it all.
  • Find your place even as you come from nothing.
  • Protect yourself from yourself.
  • Speak up and demand respect.
  • Be engaged to yourself and live your own happily ever after.
  • Educate to eradicate abuse (of any kind).


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